There are 100 things people in your team are better at than you. Your skill as a leader is to understand this and create an environment where all this talent can shine.

To achieve this I always invest heavily in individual coaching, team dynamics and inspirational leadership. These are three key ingredients to explore your own and your team’s success.

My coaching style has evolved through time spent in several FTSE companies where I led teams of up to 800 FTE’s, in face-to-face and remote capacities covering a range of roles. My style is thoughtful and direct and I look to challenge the norm.

I have been a Director of Talent Equation since 2012 after spending 25 years working for blue chip corporates. My roles in these corporates included Transformation Director, Global Supply Chain Director and Managing Director. In each role taking people with me as been key.

Through Talent Equation, I am able to share my experiences with others, helping with transformational change, developing and executing business strategy and identifying and leveraging talent.