Transformed the meaning, approach and value of performance management

We overhauled this organisation’s performance management process, working with an internal team of business leaders and employees to uncover the root issues. We redesigned the approach, focusing on shifting mindsets about what performance management is all about and the value it brings. We then focused on the skills required to be able to facilitate high performance. We built interventions to launch the refreshed approach and to further embed it over a period of time. Workshops were attended by the 11,000-strong workforce and supplemented with ‘Genius Bar’-style clinics, on-line webinars, videos, success stories and people leader development workshops. Ongoing monitoring of the application of the approach was built into the embedding phase. Within a matter of months, there was evidence to indicate a shift had already been achieved in the association employees placed on performance management and their experience of what this looked like in practice. The revised approach has been described by staff as ‘more honest’, ‘more meaningful’ and ‘transformational’.

Reframed the meaning of leadership

We have worked with multiple organisations in reviewing what leadership means, what it has meant, and what it needs to mean in the future. We have devised leadership frameworks, identified critical competencies and created development interventions to refresh and upskill leaders. In one organisation, over 500 leaders voluntarily signed up for the upskilling workshops, having heard such powerful stories about its impact from others who attended before them.

One-to-one coaching – helping coachees be the best version of themselves

In the past two years, Talent Equation has coached almost 50 leaders across a range of roles and business arenas, using face-to-face and virtual meetings. We adapt our style according to the client. Where appropriate, we use a range of diagnostic tools. Talent Equation focuses on agreeing clear outcomes at the outset. We keep a close eye on the agenda and the emerging actions; monitoring and tracking progress, and evaluating success during and post after coaching. One client had been promoted to a senior leadership team role and was struggling with the transition. The organisation ‘system’ was proving to be a challenge at this next level and his past experiences had not equipped him with the insight or skills to navigate this alone. Through six coaching sessions, Talent Equation helped the coachee identify what sort of leader he was and wanted to be; where he had natural strengths; and how he could engage, inspire and leverage others to bring about success.

Facilitated a group of individuals to become a ‘team’ as defined by their practice rather than the label

Talent Equation has facilitated many team events/workshops. Each have had their own ‘uniqueness’ to them. We work hard to understand, at the outset, what the team hopes to be different afterwards. This guides the offering we develop. Many team workshops have had an explicit or implicit aim – to make the group of individuals become more powerful and significant as a ‘team’ rather than a collection of individuals.

Our Clients


  • Working with Talent Equation was a game-changer for us. We had a massive project to complete within a very tight timeframe involving numerous and challenging stakeholders. We would not have achieved our goal without the expertise of Talent Equation. Working with Annette/Talent Equation inspired us with confidence every step of the way from inception to execution and delivery, and the positive results are already clear to see. Talent Equation provides fresh, innovative and creative perspectives and ideas, without the superficiality that other consultancies have. Talent Equation doesn’t “do what it says on the tin” – it exceeds that. I would recommend Talent Equation to any company seeking high quality coaching, professional HR consultancy, engaging leadership training, or performance management expertise.

  • You are not like any other leadership development consultancy I have come across. How would I describe Talent Equation? You are uniquely brilliant. But why? You get the theory and you are deeply practical. You are pragmatic. You are strategic and you also get stuff done. You are easy to work with and you are positive. You create hope and make people feel anything is possible. You are not like any other leadership development consultancy I have come across.

  • Annette was very skilled at persistently asking intelligent questions , to get me to honestly explore how I can better my work performance and leadership style. She doesn’t tolerate lazy thinking, but provides a smart and safe environment to help you grow and develop.

  • I have worked with Annette Fleet for over 18 months, mostly under a one-to-one professional coaching initiative. With almost 35 years of a banking career behind me, I have found Annette to be the most effective and professional coach I have ever worked with, in this capacity. Annette has a wide range of technical competencies but I believe one of her distinctive competencies is her understated ability to influence people to dig deep and uncover their sometimes hidden talents, exploit these talents while developing their confidence. Annette has the ability to quickly understand a business and grasp the real issues that emerge in the politics of the working environment. She has given me very solid and practical advice on addressing tricky political situations with senior management, colleagues and sub ordinates. Most of all, she has helped me amend my style of communication particularly when there are elements of frustration or pressure in the equation, in order to get to a solution without any collateral damage. It is about “how” you say it rather than “what “you say! Annette is very accessible and has never stuck rigidly to pre agreed times. She is accommodating, confident, knowledgeable and has a style that does not direct or patronise but facilitates a conversation where I figured out the solutions myself. I have no hesitation in recommending Annette to any business person or organisation that needs to develop their potential to out-perform or where a culture change is required.

  • I would work with Talent Equation again in a heartbeat. I have worked with Talent Equation on a number of occasions. Annette radiates warmth and has a calming and confidence building impact on those she works with. She has worked with me in 2 Retail companies - in a 1:1 coaching capacity for a senior leader and in a team facilitation capacity. She pays great attention to her audience – the individual(s) and the organization and is quickly able to get to the root of issues and provides insightful observations and suggestions so we are able to move forward. Annette is very generous with the time and attention she gives others – she has been an invaluable sounding board to me personally on many occasions. I would work with Talent Equation again in a heartbeat.

  • Annette helped me rapidly develop skills to grapple with challenges I had not faced before. I met Annette at an extremely difficult time in my career. My engagement with my job was at all time low, my responsibilities were at all time high and I was running on an empty tank. Over the coming months Annette helped me rapidly develop skills to grapple with challenges I had not faced before, built my confidence and most importantly played a significant role in improving my balance between work, life, health and happiness. I’m really grateful for the time I spent with Annette and I very much hope to work with her again in the future.