In everything we do we consider three drivers critical to the success of any organisation
When it comes to changing behaviours and ultimately performance, a common mistake is to try and force a change in behaviour without tacking the underlying attitude. We find it is far more impactful to explore what lies behind certain attitudes and behaviours. By exploring someone’s thinking, feelings, background, fears and values we can really understand what needs to shift to enable changes in behaviours and actions and bring about greater business results.
Drive Work Skills
Leaders need followers – volunteers who want to go in a direction inspired by someone else. In order to inspire, leaders need to have a range of skills and be able to flex these as circumstances change. We focus on developing the skills your leaders need to inspire others to follow them. We help all leaders increase their self-awareness, looking to harness their natural strengths and mitigate against their weaker capabilities.
‘The way things get done around here’ is the definition we use to describe culture. It’s ‘this way’ as opposed to ‘that way’ which can be the reason why talent can flourish in one place and not in another. By working with you, looking at your values, your processes and your practices, we uncover the culture inhibiters and enablers that exist in your business. We then help you take steps to create a culture where talent flourishes and outstanding results are achieved.


We can deliver off-the-shelf leadership interventions, however, most of our work requires an approach tailored to your requirements. Our work with you will be a partnership and could involve a range of methods, interventions and approaches, including coaching, face-to-face workshops, group and meetings facilitation, advice and consultancy, designing strategies, frameworks and programmes, use of diagnostics and tools, on-line and blended learning solutions.



We tailor our offering to fit your needs. We focus on understanding you – your purpose, values, strengths, challenges and opportunities. We inspire you to develop a mindset that enables new behaviours.


Although we like to build lasting relationships, we don’t create dependency – we build self sufficiency. We care about you and you can trust us to be honest, open and thoughtful. We say what we think – always with the intention of helping you be at your best.


We know our stuff and we’re happy to share our knowledge, expertise, ideas and tools. We bring insights from diverse industries. We focus on building your knowledge and capability.


We focus on outcomes, and add value in everything we do – in expected and sometimes unexpected ways. We get excited by each client’s business and their people. We will work hard to help you succeed. We love what we do and our clients tell us this is infectious.


We create realistic solutions that fit your need, your budget, your resources, your time. We use theory but only in so far as it helps us develop practical solutions that have a tangible impact. We are straightforward and don’t overengineer solutions.


What you see is what you get. We’re down-to-earth and straightforward. We have no hidden agendas. We create calm, safe environments where trust emerges quickly allowing us to help you unearth potential, seize opportunities and be significant in your own right.